C# Programming for Absolute Beginners

C# Programming for Absolute Beginners

About the book

The book is intended for readers who want to start programming. It differs from other books in its really slow pace of explanations and its deep coverage of the topics based on many examples, frequently illustrating different aspects of the same question.

Though it has C# in its title, it is focused on computer programming in general. What is important for you is to master the way a programmer thinks. When you manage to do this, you can quickly learn as many languages as you need. C# is only the means to express your thoughts in a computer-friendly way.

Contact me

You can contact me via e-mail vystavel (at-sign) moderniProgramovani.cz

I welcome every feedback concerning the book, your suggestions what might be improved, alerts concerning the typos etc.

I would be very glad to know how you feel working with the book!

Where to buy the book?

You can purchase the book e.g. from the publisher (Apress) or on Amazon.

Source codes

You can download the source codes of programs in the book.

The password to the downloaded ZIP file is the last word of page 113 (1st edition) or 117 (2nd edition).

Contents at a glance

Chapter 1 Getting Ready

Part 1. Data
Chapter 2 Your First Program
Chapter 3 Dealing with Output
Chapter 4 Using Variables
Chapter 5 Working with Objects
Chapter 6 Using Object Actions
Chapter 7 More About Objects

Part 2. Calculations
Chapter 8 Input
Chapter 9 Numbers
Chapter 10 Economic Calculations
Chapter 11 Calculations with Dates
Chapter 12 Understanding Different Kinds of Numbers
Chapter 13 Accumulating Values

Part 3. Conditionals
Chapter 14 Essential Tools
Chapter 15 Getting Started with Conditions
Chapter 16 Practical Conditions
Chapter 17 Compound Conditions
Chapter 18 Multiple Conditions
Chapter 19 Advanced Conditions

Part 4. Loops
Chapter 20 First Loops
Chapter 21 Improving Loops
Chapter 22 Number Series
Chapter 23 Unknown Number of Repetitions
Chapter 24 Accumulating Intermediate Results
Chapter 25 Advanced Loops